Monday, October 25, 2010

Parma Mayor Dean DePiero's vacation home built by contractor who did business with city

With Mark Puente

A little more than a year after Dean DePiero became mayor of Parma, Ohio's eighth-largest city closed a real estate deal with the same contractor that built DePiero's Lake Erie vacation house on Kelleys Island.

The land, where a justice center and police station once stood, went to the highest bidder. And DePiero, aware of the conflict, refrained from signing the 2005 legislation that authorized the $425,850 sale to Glenwood Homes Ltd., which built single-family homes on the site.

But the mayor was involved in the process leading up to the transaction, according to public records provided last week by his administration. He fielded offers directly and received copies of documents detailing the proposals submitted by eight prospective developers.

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