Sunday, May 22, 2011

6 Cleveland police officers accused of brutality have used force on 39 suspects since 2009

Written and reported with Gabriel Baird

Six Cleveland police officers, all accused in recent months of using excessive force, have scuffled with at least 39 suspects since February 2009.

But, based on reports completed by the officers and reviewed by The Plain Dealer under the state's public-records law, few posed an imminent danger to the men and women in blue.

All but one were unarmed. And 14 of the 36 suspects whose cases are closed -- 39 percent -- were never convicted of any crime. Eight were never charged, other police and court records show.

Yet in every case they investigated, police supervisors at multiple levels, up to and including Chief Michael McGrath, deemed the more than three dozen uses of nondeadly force to be justified.

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