Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mitt Romney leaves Ohio with unwanted souvenir

Word that Mitt Romney would travel to the Cincinnati area Tuesday surprised some, given that Ohio's June presidential primary figures to be one of the nation's last nominating contests.
And today, the Republican front-runner might wish he hadn't stopped here at all. 
After first refusing to take a position on two controversial Buckeye State ballot measures, the former Massachusetts governor is backtracking and now enthusiastically backing Issue 2. A "yes" vote would uphold Senate Bill 5, the new collective-bargaining law for public employees.
What made Romney's sidestepping so perplexing Tuesday was that the Ohio Republican Party billed his visit as one to rally phone bank volunteers dialing up support for Issue 2 and Issue 3. The latter is a Tea Party initiative aimed at blocking part of the federal health care law.

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