Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ohio voters send mixed signals with Issues 2 and 3; Democrats and Republicans both claim victory

Written and reported with Joe Guillen

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Ohio voters sent mixed messages Tuesday when tackling two issues that are rallying cries for two very different political points of view.

A referendum on Senate Bill 5, a major overhaul of collective bargaining and other labor rules for public employees, went decisively for Democrats. A ballot measure that renounced a portion of President Barack Obama's national health care policy went heavily for Republicans.

Now, each party is working overtime to spin the results as a repudiation of the other's overreaching agenda. Democrats predict doom for Gov. John Kasich and whomever the GOP nominates to face Obama in next year's general election. Republicans, meanwhile, claim a far more compelling metric can be found in the symbolic rebuke of what they call Obamacare.

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