Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gov. John Kasich plays his hand at the 'Sheldon Primary' in Las Vegas fundraising pitch

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Gov. John Kasich can say all he wants that he isn’t interested in running for president. Yet here he is this weekend, along with a few others whose national ambitions are far less ambiguous, rubbing elbows with top donors.

Kasich delivered the luncheon keynote Saturday at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s spring conference, held at casino mogul Sheldon Adelson’s opulent spread on the strip.

“All the things we believe in? They work,” Kasich told a ballroom crowd of about 300.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Why does Cuyahoga County's inspector general review Ed FitzGerald's campaign contributions?

Ed FitzGerald has enlisted Cuyahoga County’s inspector general to examine his political donor lists – a practice that critics of the county executive and Democratic candidate for governor believe is an improper use of taxpayer dollars.

Republicans see the frequent reviews as a campaign service performed exclusively and free of charge for FitzGerald by his handpicked investigator on county time.

But FitzGerald’s spokeswoman says the second set of eyes protects county employees and appointees from unknowingly violating an ethics law that FitzGerald championed.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gov. John Kasich and Ed FitzGerald move into defining phase of 2014 campaign: Analysis

Ohio’s race for governor has reached an important phase.

Define or be defined? That’s the question Republican incumbent John Kasich and probable Democratic nominee Ed FitzGerald are facing as their campaigns enter spring.

Kasich for the moment seems content to define only himself and avoid any direct engagement with his opponent. His recently introduced budget review provides a sense of his priorities for his re-election year and beyond. And when speaking across the state at GOP dinners, a reliable outlet for partisan politics, Kasich sticks almost entirely to policy.

If he were president -- and FitzGerald really wants you to believe that Kasich wants to be -- observers might call this a “Rose Garden” strategy. Kasich will pay FitzGerald no mind until he must and in the meantime use the powers of his office to project strength.

As the challenger, FitzGerald spends far more time picking apart Kasich’s record than talking about his own. The Cuyahoga County executive paints the governor as a creature of Wall Street with one eye out for his rich friends, the other on the White House.

So, for the moment, neither side is doing much, if anything, to define FitzGerald. That is certain to change – and very soon. And there are numbers that help explain why.

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