Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Ted Strickland-P.G. Sittenfeld primary? Here are the pros and cons for Ohio Democrats

What now, P.G. Sittenfeld?

This week, as Ted Strickland jumped into the U.S. Senate race he had long been linked to, speculation shifted back to the other Democratic candidate. Many assumed that Sittenfeld, a 30-year-old city councilman from Cincinnati, would step aside once Strickland, a 73-year-old former governor, made his intentions clear.

The smart money is on that still happening -- eventually.

But a funny thing happened during the month that Sittenfeld had the field to himself. He assembled a campaign staff, attracted big-name campaign donors and, according to those close to his team, raised at least $500,000. Not bad for a newcomer. Not bad at all.

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