Friday, February 13, 2015

John Kasich's presidential ambitions: How the Ohio governor got from 'not interested' to maybe

It was 16 years ago Sunday that John Kasich kicked off his first campaign for president. Then a feisty congressman known for wielding a sharp budget ax while rocking to Pearl Jam, he mugged for the cameras with a Richard Nixon victory salute as he boarded his plane from Columbus to New Hampshire.
But Kasich never achieved full liftoff. Unable to raise money or rise in the polls, he dropped from the Republican field months before the first primaries.

Still a feisty but now somewhat mellowed governor, Kasich again is wrestling with White House ambitions. And though he is better established than he was in 1999, Kasich is far behind when it comes to building the organization presidential bids require.

That's because, until recently, Kasich publicly dismissed any talk about running for president in 2016. Even behind closed doors, in the company of advisers, he showed minimal interest, according to sources familiar with the governor's thinking.
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