Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Where would John Kasich announce his run for president? A closer look at 9 possibilities

Ohio Gov. John Kasich and his allies have been sending signals that the response to his presidential explorations is strong. A Kasich 2016 campaign now seems less a matter of if – and more a matter of when and where.

The "when" doesn't leave much room for guessing. Kasich told a Columbus television station last week that he will make his intentions known before the first Republican debate, scheduled for Aug. 6 in Cleveland.

The "where" invites much more speculation.

These official announcements have turned into major media events. Precise choreography and a finely tuned message can help a mid- or low-tier candidate break away from the pack. And picking the right location is key. Every backdrop provides a backstory.

So where might Kasich launch his White House candidacy? Those close to the governor would not give any hints this week when asked by the Northeast Ohio Media Group. But there are at least nine locations that could work on one level or another.

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