Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Does slow and steady win the race for John Kasich? Why July will pose a big test to his political career

Here's one way to look at John Kasich's soon-to-launch presidential campaign: When Ohio's governor formally announces his candidacy July 21, he already will have outlasted his last White House bid by a full week.

Kasich ended that unappreciated and underfunded endeavor July 14, 1999. The first votes of the 2000 election would not be counted for another six months.

These timing comparisons are not perfect. Sixteen years ago, Kasich technically never took the "exploratory" label off a campaign that began in February. But, poor fundraising notwithstanding, he was running just as hard as George W. Bush was.

The landscape ahead of 2016 is much different. Kasich is, too.

Most serious GOP contenders – and there are more this cycle than any in memory – already have entered the race. Kasich might be last to the starting line. For all of Kasich's impetuous tendencies, his 2016 rollout is a study in deliberative politics.
A strategy so cautious carries some risks.

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