Monday, June 15, 2015

Republican presidential power rankings, June edition

David Letterman is gone, but the top 10 list lives. And the one Fox News will make in seven weeks is one that all Republican presidential hopefuls are determined to crack.

The cable network is limiting participation for the first GOP debate – set for Aug. 6 in Cleveland – to the 10 highest polling candidates, based on recent national surveys.

Under this threshold, it’s possible that Carly Fiorina, the only prominent woman in the race, won’t make the cut. John Kasich, a battleground state governor whose allies at the Ohio Republican Party are co-sponsoring the debate, is on the bubble, too.

Not that the pollsters or powers that be at Fox News have asked us, but here at the Northeast Ohio Media Group, we can make a top 10 list as well as anyone. It’s time for our monthly GOP power rankings, which we base on a candidate’s likelihood of being the last standing at next year’s Republican National Convention, also in Cleveland.

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