Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In search of Jon Huntsman and his pearls of New Hampshire wisdom for John Kasich

MANCHESTER, N.H. – On one hand, Monday must have been awesome for Jon Huntsman. On the other, Monday must have been kind of lousy for Jon Huntsman.

The former Utah governor, whose 2012 presidential campaign is memorable for all the wrong reasons, was the belle of the ball here at a No Labels convention that drew five live and in-person White House hopefuls and three more via video.

Huntsman, a Republican, co-chairs the bipartisan group with Joe Lieberman, the former Democratic senator from Connecticut who became an independent later in his career. Lieberman has his own experiences in electoral futility. He was the losing vice-presidential candidate in 2000 and got nowhere in his own presidential bid in 2004.

I arrived Monday interested in Huntsman's thoughts on Ohio Gov. John Kasich. Many political observers – some thoughtfully, others superficially – have compared Kasich's current play for the GOP nomination to Huntsman's effort the last time.

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