Friday, June 24, 2016

Reliving Cleveland's championship week

Now that was a party.

One night of celebrating just wouldn't do. A parade wouldn't be enough. The Cavaliers' NBA Finals win over the Golden State Warriors brought Cleveland its first major sports championship in 52 years.

The joy and the revelry lasted well into the week. Really, who could blame us?

We were making up for lost time. For all those seasons our teams fell short.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton is off to a faster start than Donald Trump is in Ohio -- and it isn't even close

When Hillary Clinton speaks Tuesday in Columbus, she will continue what has been a remarkably traditional beginning to her general election campaign.

The presumptive Democratic nominee for president is sticking with a battleground map that served President Barack Obama well. She and her allies have unleashed a blitz of early television ads aimed at shoring up their base. And Ohio, as always, is right in the thick of things.

Are there risks in playing it so safe in a year in which Donald Trump – the Republican poised to claim his party's nomination next month in Cleveland – thrives on chaos? Of course there are.

But Trump's strategy relies on successfully navigating one of two increasingly improbable paths.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

In Cleveland, Hillary Clinton takes on terror and Donald Trump -- but only mentions one by name

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Hillary Clinton didn't mention Donald Trump. She didn't have to.

In responding Monday to a deadly mass shooting in Orlando, Fla., the presumptive Democratic nominee for president drew countless contrasts with her Republican rival.

"Our open, diverse society is an asset in the struggle against terrorism, not a liability," Clinton, the former secretary of state, said during a speech here at Team Wendy, a manufacturer that develops military helmets and other products that protect against impact-related injuries.

"It makes us stronger and more resistant to radicalization," Clinton added. "America is strongest when we all believe they have a stake in our country and our future. This vision has sustained us from the beginning – the belief that yes, we are all created equal and the journey we have made to turn that into reality over our history. That we are not a land of winners and losers."

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