Thursday, September 1, 2016

How John Kasich's snub of Donald Trump could help Rob Portman win re-election

It's early, but Ohio's big U.S. Senate race seems just about over.

Republican incumbent Rob Portman is running a very smart re-election campaign. He has kept Donald Trump, his party's erratic nominee for president, at arm's length.

He and his allies have spent their money wisely. (To the point where national Democrats appear to be giving up and the pro-Portman Koch brothers are easing off the gas, too.)

Meanwhile, Ted Strickland is running a surprisingly poor campaign.
Democrats thought the former governor's name-recognition would be an asset in a competitive contest. But Strickland is eating Portman's dust, at least according to several recent polls.

There's a third person who deserves mention: John Kasich.

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