Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Trump whisperer? Inside Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges' phone calls with The Donald

Matt Borges has become something of a Donald Trump whisperer.

When the Ohio Republican Party chairman calls, the GOP nominee for president listens.

Trump toned down his attacks on John Kasich, who challenged him in the primaries, after Borges told him it would be political suicide to pick on Ohio's popular governor. And when Borges believes the New York businessman has gone too far, he doesn't mince words.

The two speak frequently by telephone and when Trump campaigns in the Buckeye State. But the contact has intensified in recent days, as Trump's campaign reels from the damaging revelation of a 2005 video that featured him making lewd comments about women.

Borges had just hung up with Trump when reached the chairman by telephone Wednesday morning. He shared details of their three discussions since Sunday.

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