Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump's victory spoiled Kasich's plans. So what's next for the Ohio governor?

As Election Day turned to Election Night, two of Ohio's top Republicans sat on big plans largely contingent upon Donald Trump going down in flames.

Gov. John Kasich, who fell short in his own bid for the GOP presidential nomination, was preparing a Thursday speech in Washington, where he would outline a Trump-free vision for his party and country. It would be an early first step toward another run in 2020.

Matt Borges, the Ohio Republican Party chief and a Kasich ally, was angling to be the next Republican National Committee chairman. He would build his case on his success in a key battleground and on his ability to navigate messy political circumstances. But for this to work, Trump probably had to win Ohio and lose the Electoral College to Hillary Clinton.

Trump took care of the first by blowing out Clinton here. No one could say that Kasich, who refused to campaign or vote for Trump, or that Borges, who clashed with Trump's team and was viewed suspiciously by some because of his loyalty to the governor, cost Trump a crucial state.

But Trump's unanticipated national victory crushed their plans.

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