Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Can John Kasich and Donald Trump forge a truce? The future of the Ohio GOP rides on that question.

The case against Matt Borges boils down to a few perceptions.
  • Critics believe the Ohio Republican Party chairman undermined President-elect Donald Trump.
  • They believe that between Borges and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who unlike Borges refused to vote for Trump, someone has to go. (And they know it can't be Kasich, who has two years left on his term.)
  • In other words, they believe that keeping Borges around as Kasich's handpicked party boss would hurt the state's political clout in a Trump administration.
It's this last part that has allies of Borges and Kasich most concerned as a civil war breaks out among top party activists. They fear Borges is in danger of becoming collateral damage.

Jane Timken, an influential Republican from the Canton area who helped raise money for Trump's campaign, has launched a bid to dump Borges at a Jan. 6 meeting of the Ohio GOP's 66-member Central Committee. At the moment, Borges backers say he has more than the 34 votes needed to prevail. But Timken's challenge is enough of a disruption to have them discussing the best ways to shatter the perceptions that have him on a very hot seat.

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