Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Keith Faber farewell tour

The Keith Faber farewell tour is the talk of Columbus.

The lame-duck Ohio Senate president has ruffled feathers in his final days. Even allies -- from Gov. John Kasich to fellow lawmakers and lobbyists -- have their grievances.

To be fair, Faber's controversial initiatives met with wide approval in his caucus. Most of the grumbling, as is common for Statehouse intrigue, is vented not in votes or showy floor speeches but, rather, in idle chitchat, text messages and not-for-attribution telephone calls.

But in many ways Faber is not a typical lame duck. Term-limited in the Senate, the Celina Republican will resurface next month in the Ohio House and immediately begin angling for higher office. Critics believe Faber's recent behavior is all about setting up his political future -- be it a run for state auditor or a federal appointment by President-elect Donald Trump.

A few things to keep in mind as one Faber reign ends and another possibly begins ...

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